Tethered shooting with Sony A7ii 📷

While I have not been able to use tethered shooting controlled form Lightroom on my Sony A7ii, I have managed to use a combination of remote controlling my camera, and Lightrooms auto import feature — to get my photos directly into Lightroom while shooting.

This guide is written for Windows, but the same principles will work for Mac OS.

You need the following:

  • Sony Imaging Edge software
  • Lightroom Classic
  • A long Micro USB cable to connect your camera to the machine.
  • Your USB Connection, set to PC Remote. Menu / Briefcase / Menu 4 / USB Connection.
Set camera to USB Connection / PC Remote

Sony Imaging Edge

You need both parts of the Sony Imaging Edge software.

  • Sony Imaging Edge desktop
  • Sony Remote/View/Edit shooting
  1. Download and install Sony Imaging Edge software.

2. In the Sony Imaging Edge Desktop-app, you Click Download, to download and install the additional Remote/View/Edit software.

  • Download and install Remote/View/Edit software.
Click the download button to get the essential Remote app

3. Connect and turn on your Sony A7ii with USB Micro to the computer, you will see that drivers are installed. When its ready the OS will prompt you when done.

Your A7ii has to be set to PC remote.

Woa, camera installed correctly

4. Run the Remote software by clicking start.

Click start
Double click your camera

What we want to do now, is to create a folder where camera images from the camera are saved. Lightroom should continuously monitor this folder (I will setup this in Lightroom after words).

Create a folder for images on your computer, take note of this folder and change the “save settings” in the Remote app to reflect this folder.

Scroll down to see where Save To folder is set. Input your chosen folder from the step above.

Also disable the Imaging Edge Viewer Preview. Enter settings, Live view tab and un-check display Preview in Viewer.

Disable ‘Display Preview in Viewer’.

Lightroom Classic

We are now going to set Lightroom classic to monitor the folder, and auto-import the images put in that folder.

  1. Click File / Auto Import / Auto Import Settings

2. Enable auto import. Choose the folder you set up in Remote as the ‘Watched Folder’. You can choose to ‘Add to collection’ and tweak where you want the files to end up.

  • Click OK when done to save the settings.

3. Now you are ready! 🎉

Switch back to Remote app to shoot images and have them Automatically imported into Lightroom classic.

Photo from Unsplash.com, taken by Conor Luddy